Monthly Archive: September 2015

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Magnify Credit Union World Ice Cream Eating Championship

This was possibly the most fun I’ve had on the circuit to date.

Yah, I ate 13.5 pints of ice cream for second place (and believe me, losing to Joey Chestnut, the best competitive eater in the world, isn’t a bad day), but…

Allow me to back up. 

My trip started with an overnight flight to Orlando with some of the BEST. PASSENGERS. EVER. You know those people that you dread sitting next to on a flight? They were the exact opposite.

Boring Flights + Happy People = Instant Best Friends

230a PST departure/ 11a EST arrival– they’re going hard; I’m exhausted.

Touch Down Orlando!

After driving from Orlando to Lakeland (about an hour), and after a brief nap, I met up with Joey and the 98.7 Out Of Bounds Crew for some pre-contest trash talking on the air 🙂

Friday Night with the Out of Bounds Cast

Contest Day!

Beautiful Lakeland!

Beautiful Crowd

Defending Champ Chestnut Setting Up

Ronnie “The Real American” Hartman

Starting off with 6 pints..

And We’re Off!

L-R: Sudo and Chestnut

I love ice cream just as much as the next girl, but eating pint after pint is rough! My core temperature dropped, and I was hesitant to drink too much (hot) liquid because I didn’t want to run out of room. It was my first time eating ice cream in contest, but all in all, I’m pretty pleased with my performance. Can’t wait for next year! I’m confident I’ll do better:)

Great job to everyone who battled it out on Saturday! 

Full Results

  • 1 Joey Chestnut 15 pints
2 Miki Sudo 13.5
  • 3T Ronnie Hartman 10.5 // 3T Michelle Lesco 10.5
  • 5 Brian Dudzinski 9.25
  • 6T Mike Jenkins 7.5 // 6T Bryan Weller 7.5
  • 8 Daniella Gioia 7.25
  • 9 Jason Smith 6
  • 10 Sean Brokert 4.5

It was great meeting everyone, especially Sean Brokert (thanks for the shirt!), Mike Jenkins, and  Brian D! Great job to my girl, Shell “WAYD” Lesco, and hats off to Chesnut as always. Props to Ronnie, Bryan, DG, and JS. Can’t wait to see more of you all on the circuit.

Gotta Run!

I cut it close for my flight (out of Orlando), but I made it! I also got blessed with the best seat neighbors again, which makes all the difference when you’re literally flying across the country. One works for the Weekly, and I’m pretty sure we were separated at birth.

Budweiser and Baseball Caps: Row 15 is Where It’s At.

Coming Up:

Next competition is in two weeks in Stockton, CA for the Deep-Fried Asparagus Festival. I ate ice cream  this week, so I’ve got to get my veggies now. All in balance.

Oh, and the next day, I’m eating corn on the cob in Florida. Can’t wait!…